Hello. We are Nexteer Automotive. We are looking for ambitious engineers who are comfortable with our vibe to work in our new, ultra-modern Technical Centre. Asking for specifics? To encourage you to apply and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, we’ve put together some key information. This will give you an idea of our work environment. And because we know how you value numbers and facts, we have decided not to beat around the bush and lay it all out with “operational amplifiers”… if you know what we mean 😉

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great place to work

We take part in the internationally recognised “Great Place To Work” survey. We proudly boast above-average ratings from our employees:

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The latest survey showed an increase in employee satisfaction by as much as 8% compared to the previous level.

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The result in the category of safe working conditions is 97% (with 94% for Top 12 Employers Poland, i.a. Cisco, Hilti, 3M, EY, Bosch).

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88% of people believe that there is a friendly atmosphere in Nexteer (Top 12 Employers Poland include Cisco, Hilti, 3M, EY, Bosch).

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As many as 87% of employees appreciate the favourable conditions for reconciling work with the responsibilities of a parent/carer (Top 12 Employers Poland i.a. Cisco, Hilti, 3M, EY, Bosch).


The survey indicates that NEXTEER is a great place to work because:

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there is a friendly

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it provides opportunities for
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flexible working hours

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buddy-buddy relation

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a comprehensive social package is available

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yourself automotive your career

Self-realisation and development

Work in an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Technical Centre where the technology for the world’s most advanced vehicles is developed.

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Fulfill your ambitions

You will be able to carry out challenging projects for the top brands in the world (BMW, Renault, Stellantis: FCA/PSA) and the tasks you are assigned will be tailored to what you are best at.

Only at Nexteer

You will test your designs on a real test track and in highly developed technology laboratories for:
HIL Lab, metallurgy, metrology, the acoustic chamber or the Prototype Centre. You will work with the best equipment such as Zeiss coordinate measuring machines or Mahr contact profilometers.

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Best projects

Work on prestigious award-winning engineering projects. In 2020 the European Car of the Year was the Peugeot 208, for which we designed and manufactured modern components. Vehicles with our technologies have been the best cars many times in recent years: RAM1500, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, Lincoln Navigator, Chevrolet Bolt, Chrysler Pacifica and more.

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suggestions per year

We receive and implement that many suggestions for change and innovation directly from employees. Some of our specialists have spectacularly improved the operation of the company on a global level!

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There are quite a few of us, over 13 000 worldwide in 8 locations on 3 continents. However, each employee has the space to learn new things, in Poland and abroad.

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Moreover, we invest in our employees. We don’t stop at “On the Job Training”, which we experience every day. We improve our competences in many external training courses. In the last year alone, we have made almost one and a half thousand of them.

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in-house trainers

80 in-house trainers
As part of the Nexteer Academy, you can gain new competencies and become a certified trainer.

Do you like to polish your foreign languages?

We have classes for you at different levels in English and German. Is there another one you would like to learn? Let us know.

Do you like to polish your foreign languages?

We have classes for you at different levels in English and German. Is there another one you would like to learn? Let us know.

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Support in private life

Group 343

Flexible schedule

Enjoy flexible working hours adapted to your personal needs.

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Remote working

You don’t always have to come to the office – you can do your job remotely.

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Nexteer with passion

And have you heard of the “Nexteer with passion” programme yet? We support various hobby programmes: runners, basketball players, roller skaters, squash players and many, many more.

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Baby on board

We are happy when your family grows up – we have gifts for every new member of the Nexteer community.

Group 347

Happy birthday

We celebrate your birthday together. In this way, more than 540,000 cubes of marshmallows and toffees have already disappeared “in unexplained circumstances”

Group 348

Psychological support

A free psychological support hotline is available for you and your family.

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yourself automotive your career


Group 317

We reward your innovation

By working creatively, you can increase your pay under the Record of Invention scheme. Our engineers have already created more than 1400 such projects, and last year alone there were 178.

Group 318

Subsidising your meals

Whether you’re a glutton or poor eater, you deserve meal subsidies.

Group 319

Funding of your glasses

In the last 5 years we have subsidised over 700 pairs of glasses for our colleagues.

Group 320

Funding your education

Do you believe a person is a lifelong learner? Rightly so! We think so too, which is why we are happy to subsidise your education – higher education? Postgraduate? Voila! Voila!

Group 323

Funding of your holidays

Expect holiday subsidies or Christmas gift cards.

Group 324


Work overwhelms you? Take the “corpo-colleagues” to the “corpo-coffee” at the “corpo-machine”!

Group 325

Celebrating your successes

We call it “reco with coffee’. Each month you may be recognised by your colleagues or supervisor. You will then take a breather during a team break for coffee and a delicious cake.

Group 326


Are you joining us? You deserve a Multisport Card just like you deserve private medical care.

Group 327

Your comfort

As part of the “Happy&Healthy Nexteer” program, take charge of your well-being and join us for a monthly webinar with an outside authority on the topic of broader mental and physical well-being! You will learn more about how to deal with your emotions, what to eat to live better or how to communicate with yourself and those around you!

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We run to

We have been taking part in various charity runs for the past 7 years. More than 40 runners are systematically involved in helping those in need.

Group 260

We care for
the vulnerable

We support those who are unable to look after themselves. With us, you will be able to help, among others, Dom Aniołów Stróżów, Śląskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci Świetlikowo, Fundacja Iskierka, Zameczek w Rudułtowicach

Group 262

We finance your

You yourself can organise support for a chosen initiative in your city or neighbourhood by participating in a Nexteer charitable grant programme. You put forward an idea, tell us how to make it happen and we fund it. . Over the 9 editions of the competition, we have helped hundreds of people in the places where our employees live.

The Engineering Centre is an investment in the future. This is where projects from all over the world will flow in, for our engineers and technicians to create products for a new type of intelligent vehicles. We believe that with your commitment, ideas and knowledge, our factory lines will have something to produce and the jobs of production workers will not only be secure, but multiplied.

Join us!

You already know quite a lot about us! ! Will you now tell us something about yourself? Send your CV. You don’t have to quit your current job right away. Let us talk first.
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